Brett Logan – Owner/President

Immaculate Flight Leadership

Raised in Fort Wayne, IN; Brett is the company’s Owner and President.

Joining as an equity partner in 2005 and becoming the sole owner in 2009; Brett has incredibly led the company and its growth during the worst recession in this country’s history all the while showing that with excellent quality and service it’s capable of meeting the challenging demands of the business aviation community.

Brett’s extensive experience includes over 14 years in the aviation industry with time spent at airlines as well as within the business aviation community while serving at a Michigan area Fixed Based Operator.

In 2012, Brett was given the Airport Business Journal/Aviation Pros “40 under 40″ Award for excellence in the aviation community. Brett also holds a Bachelors Degree in Economics from Calvin College, as well as Advanced Business Study at Western Michigan University.

When not flying to visit Immaculate Flight locations or attending industry events; Brett can be found participating in multiple triathlons around the country and attending his kids’ many school and sporting events with his wife.

 John Craft – Vice President

Immaculate Flight Leadership

Born in Salisbury, North Carolina; John serves as Immaculate Flight’s Vice-President.

Before coming to Immaculate Flight, John spent 14 years as a part owner/operator for a successful auto detailing company where in the early 2000’s he discovered his passion for detailing aircraft after a client requested he clean his Beechcraft King Air 200. After leaving the auto detailing business, John took a position at what is now Landmark Aviation where in his duties saw him working in tandem with the FBO’s Aircraft Sales Department in prepping aircraft for sale, trade, and or delivery.

It was in 2005, when John’s commitment to quality cleanings drew him to the expanding Immaculate Flight (which at the time was only open in 5 states). Immediately upon joining the team, John began incorporating his methods for aircraft detailing through a comprehensive training program that solidified the existing crews and prepared the company for growth. That growth has led Immaculate Flight to open in 13 states and over 80 airports in the United States as of 2014.

When off duty, John enjoys spending time with his wife of 22 years and his two beautiful daughters. In addition, John has a passion for coaching Youth Soccer and currently holds a National ‘D’ Coaching license.

 Bart Adams – Director of Operations

Immaculate Flight Leadership

Born in Tollesboro, Kentucky; Bart serves as Immaculate Flight’s Director of Operations.

Bart’s vast experience in the aviation industry includes over 11 years in airline operations that has lead him to be a Training Specialist, Supervisor of Airport Services, Regional Manager of Properties and Facilities, Aircraft Appearance Manager, as well as an Assistant Director for the IAH hub airport for ExpressJet, Continental, and United Express Airlines. Bart is also a graduate from Eastern Kentucky University with a Bachelors of Science in Aviation Administration.

While not working, Bart enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter doing ‘everything’ outdoors including boating, hiking, and camping, as well as traveling as much as possible. So far he’s been to 6 countries and 47 states with plans to see many more in the near future.

Jenn Lesinski – Accounting/Office Manager

Immaculate Flight Leadership

Born in Muskegon, MI; Jenn is Immaculate Flight’s Corporate Accountant and Office Manager.

Although she’s logged just 3 years in the aviation industry (all with Immaculate), Jenn has been able to leverage her over 5 years of accounting experience to help Immaculate Flight prepare for a strong future.

When not at work, Jenn enjoys playing “Super Mom” for an 11 year-old, a younger toddler, a new born, and a Chocolate Lab. Jenn also loves to travel and has just finalized building a house (by hand) with her husband and looks forward to settling down and expanding her passion in accounting and business administration where she already has a Bachelors Degree in Finance and Accounting from Grand Valley State University.

 Tony Perkins – Director of Safety/Training

Immaculate Flight Leadership

Born and raised in Bangor, Maine; Tony serves as Immaculate Flight’s Director of Safety and Training.

While not only being responsible for ensuring the company’s 80+ locations meet strict requirements and certification; Tony also spearheads the company’s OSHA compliance, and is also one of the first people in the company to work at every new location training and supporting new team members.

In total, Tony has over 10 years of aviation experience with much of it at Immaculate Flight In the past, Tony also spent time with several airlines in the Maine area.

When not traveling the United States in support of operations; Tony lives in his dream house on a childhood favorite lake in North Carolina where he’s an avid tournament Bass Fisherman (when time permits). In addition, Tony is also a former radio personality where he worked for author Steven King at one of the countries last great A.M. Rock and Roll radio stations: WZON. Tony is also a graduate from the New England School of Broadcasting at Husson College.

 Stephen Clark – Director of Marketing

Immaculate Flight Leadership

From Spokane, Washington; Stephen serves as Immaculate Flight’s Marketing Manager.

Stephen’s experience in aviation includes over 7 years in airline operations while holding qualifications as a Load Master and Certified Deice Instructor. In addition, Stephen has also spent time in the business aviation community supporting travel planning and and onsite coordination in support of VIP and athletic teams around the world.

Stephen, who holds a Bachelors Degree in Aviation Administration from Utah Valley University enjoys spending time with his wife of 7 years and his two children and also serves as a part of Angel Flight West, a nonprofit organization that provides free air transportation in response to medical and other compelling human needs.