Tips For Selling Your Aircraft – Part Two

This article is the second of several in our series dedicated to providing tips and insight on commonly discussed items within aviation. To provide professional insight, we’re bringing in experts from around the industry to provide not only their thoughts but their experiences and stories on how they overcome common obstacles. We encourage you to get involved and if you

Tips For Selling Your Aircraft – Part One

This article is the first of several in our series dedicated to providing tips and insight on commonly discussed items within the aviation industry. To provide a professional insight to each topic, we’re partnering with experts from around the industry to provide their thoughts and experiences on how they’ve overcome common obstacles. We encourage you to get involved with us

Airborne Law Enforcement Association Expo 2014

In two weeks were excited to be supporting law enforcement professionals from around the United States at the annual Airborne Law Enforcement Association (ALEA) Expo in Phoenix, AZ! And while the event’s main focus is on enhancing the safety and collaboration between operators around the country, it’s without a doubt that one of the most popular portions of the entire

Flying with Amelia Earhart

In the early parts of 1939, a fearless woman named Amelia Earhart stole the world’s attention in her efforts to become the first women to fly around the world. Armed with what would be considered primitive instruments by today’s standards, Earhart and her Lockheed Electra were plagued by stiff winds and mechanical problems throughout the journey. And while she ultimately

NBAA Regional Forum 2014 – Van Nuys, CA

Business Aviation sure knows how to put on a family reunion! Of course instead of bickering cousins and overcooked hot dogs, we get shiny business jets and turboprops neatly lined up for us drooling onlookers (read: professionals). Fortunately, we are once again happy to be joining other “professionals” from around the United States at the NBAA’s Second Regional Forum of

Immaculate Flight Joins NBAA Leadership Council

All, We’re extremely happy to announce that just a few weeks ago, our company officially joined the National Business Aviation Association’s Leadership Council, becoming the first aircraft cleaning and detailing company in the world to do so! Established just over four years ago, the NBAA Leadership Council serves as the leading voice for the business aviation community in and around

3 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Is it safe to say spring is finally here? Despite some areas of the US that are still struggling with below average temperatures (we’re looking at you Texas), many of us are finally getting more sun than clouds these days. Unfortunately, with May already right around the corner, you may be feeling a bit behind on getting your aircraft ready

2014 NCAA Basketball Coverage Locations

‘Madness’ is in the air this month as colleges from around the US are closing in on the start of the ‘Big Dance’! And while your favorite team may be dusting off its glass slipper or sharpening their net cutting scissors; our team is already hard at work preparing to cover your travels throughout the tournament! And with locations covering nearly

BeechJet Inlet Polishing

In the past, we’ve featured several projects showing you some pretty awesome results to tough challenges that our customer’s have brought us. And while many of these challenges have included restoring the appearance of an entire aircraft; others have dealt with sanding and polishing metals that were seemingly destined for the scrap yard before we touched them… Fortunately, this month

Regional Business Aviation Forum – Boca Raton

Every year since the inception of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), the body has tirelessly worked to improve the business aviation industry on nearly every front including the development of industry specific certifications all the way to management of governmental affairs and legislation. In addition, the NBAA offers a dizzying array of networking and trade events around the world

Deicing Fluids

Deicing fluids suck. You think you’ve finally beat Mother Nature by reserving a nice heated hanger for your aircraft overnight, but while the line crew began positioning your aircraft the next morning for departure, a strong front decided to push through bringing along freezing rain and snow with it… If this situation sounds familiar, than you most likely do everything