Dirty Plane?


Since 2005, Immaculate Flight has proudly served the aviation community as a leader in aircraft cleaning and detailing services. From single engine propellers and corporate aircraft to helicopters and even wide-body VIP airliners; our team is dedicated to providing you and your aircraft with the highest quality service while using only the very best tools and products available today.

But our commitment goes beyond just your aircraft as we’re also dedicated to supporting and enhancing the aviation industry within our communities. As active members of the National Business Aviation Association as well as almost a dozen regional groups around the country, we’re relentlessness in the pursuit to ensure access to this great industry remains open for many decades to come.

Everyone at Immaculate Flight is looking forward to working with you and we’re always open if you have any questions or would like a free quote. And since we have locations in 13 states and over 100+ airports around the US, we’re confident that your aircraft is that much closer to looking better than it ever has before.

Dirty planes are always welcome. And we never close…


“The employees are well trained and highly skilled with a management team that is second to none. Each manager maintains a high level of appearance standards which translates into an excellent product with aircraft arriving in great need of significant cleaning and departing as if they were new. I would recommend Immaculate Flight to anyone seeking a truly professional appearance standard in the aviation industry.

On behalf of ExpressJet and our dedicated group of employees in this ever changing aviation environment, we want to express our appreciation for the services provided from Immaculate Flight.”

ExpressJet Airlines