About Us

The mission at Immaculate Flight is simple:

“Maintain our clients’ aircraft as if they were our own.”

It’s a simple mission really, and it’s one we’ve worked on every day since we opened our first van door in 2005.

Throughout the last 10+ years, the aviation industry – and in particular the aircraft cleaning industry – looks much different than when we first started…

Fortunately, throughout all of this change, the entire Immaculate Flight team still remains firmly rooted in the values that helped us grow to become one of the largest single-owned aircraft cleaning and detailing companies in the world. And while our size enables us to reach more destinations and aircraft than ever before, we still remain committed to listening to your every need before designing a specialized service plan just for you and your aircraft.

To meet this goal, we continue to be relentless in our pursuit towards investing in our people to ensure they’re better equipped and better trained than their peers. In addition, we’re also dedicated to working side by side with our chemical and product manufactures to design products and techniques that are not only more effective, but last longer on your aircraft. In the end, these investments have made us safer and better prepared to handle your needs, whatever they may be.

We’re also passionately engaged in supporting the future of the aviation industry in our local markets as well as globally to ensure future generations will have access to this amazing industry for decades to come. It’s this passion that lead us in 2014 to become the first aircraft cleaning and detailing company in the world to join the prestigious National Business Aviation Association Leadership Council where our voices joined the largest and most powerful aviation leaders to oppose additional regulations and unnecessary taxes that only serve to undermine the health of the entire industry.

In the end however, fancy products and industry memberships only go so far, because it’s you who ultimately makes the final choice for how to care for your aircraft. But if you’re looking for quality and stability beyond a hose and a brush, you can be sure that no matter where you are, an Immaculate Flight team is nearby with the services you need, at the right time, and at a fair price.

Dirty planes are always welcome, and we never close.

Contact us today for a free quote and discover the Immaculate Flight difference for yourself.