About Us

It’s a simple mission really, and it’s one we’ve worked on every day since we opened in 2001. . .

It’s also a mission that drives every Immaculate Flight employee working around the US in support of the machines that create and support global business and recreation. From California to Florida, and nearly everywhere in between, we have remained focused on listening to our client’s needs while staying dedicated to every detail on their aircraft.

Along the way, Immaculate Flight has grown to support thousands of corporate, fractional, FBO, MRO, general aviation, and commercial airline operators across the globe. . .

It’s a journey that began to take shape in 2005 when we moved to our new headquarters at Gerald R. Ford Intentional Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The move not only allowed us to continue our pursuit in finding the best tools and methods for aircraft cleaning; it also allowed us to discover new ways to cut costs and improve the durability of our client’s aircraft. In addition, the move put us closer to our product and equipment manufacturers and allows us to continually share front line information with them that in turn, has helped fine-tune many of the products we use today.

It’s that information, as well as information gathered from closely working with operators from all facets of the industry that allowed us to stay strong and remarkably grow during the 2008-2009 Economic Recession. That growth (which continues today), has put us on track to a sustainable future; one that allows us to currently serve in 13 states and more than 80 airports in the US.

Today, our mission guides us more than ever before, and while other “big name” detailing companies are busy developing trademarks and specialized teams to handle “big planes”; we remain focused on our relationships, while remembering that the importance of a clean aircraft is not just aesthetic, it can provide for a safer, more cost efficient operation.

Wherever you are in the United States, you can be sure an Immaculate Flight team is nearby with the services you need, at the right time, and at a fair price.

Contact Us today and find out the difference.